Star Wars Battlefront 2 Remaster is a total conversion mod that will overhaul the maps, units, vehicles, weapons and effects of Battlefront II while preserving Online Compatibility and the integrity of the vanilla gameplay. We host our own dedicated Steam server with regular events to keep things enjoyable, and a dev supported, active, and ever growing Discord server.

The modifications can be found on Moddb and Nexus Mods with more still to come. Make sure to check out our Patreon/Streamlabs sites to support the development and overall improvements of the project.

Harrisonfog's Server [BF2R]

The Remaster mods allow players to join any multiplayer matches and enjoy classic SWBF2 gameplay with renewed graphics. This feature is attracting many players to the game.

Multiplayer is a key element of this mod.

Regular Announcements are posted on Discord to notify players about online events, livestreams and mod updates.

Our dedicated server is live 24/7 !

Playing with the RemaOnline ter


Subscribe for regular updates, WIPs and more.


If you enjoy my mods, please contribute with a small donation.

( Any contribution is helpful )

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Remaster Official Site

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